Agile GCP Labs helps SocialHi5 with migration of Digital Marketing Analytics to Google Cloud

  • SOLUTION PILLAR : Migration
  • WORKLOAD : MySQL migration
  • VERTICAL : High-Tech


SocialHi5 is a ROI-driven Digital Marketing Agency. Certified by Google as a Premier Partner Agency, SocialHi5 specializes in SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing and Remarketing to drive new leads for small and medium businesses.

Business Challenge

SocialHi5 manages numerous campaigns for its clients across Google, Bing, DoubleClick, Yelp, Amazon, Facebook and other platforms. The daily campaign level data and Google Analytics data across all clients was being stored in MySQL in on-prem servers on an ongoing basis. This data was processed using “R” to present high-level and detailed insights to SocialHi5 clients through a custom-built Analytics Dashboard. The dashboard captured campaign performance details across platforms and ROI achieved for the time window of interest to the clients.

Due to the huge volume of campaign data being continuously accumulated across years for all clients, SocialHi5 dashboards started to experience performance issues when the MySQL database grew more than 1TB in size. The time to read campaign data from MySQL took 1 to 3 minutes, which was unacceptable to the clients. Beyond the slowness, there were occasional downtimes experienced by clients. SocialHi5 realized that the MySQL was not scaling well, especially with its plans to expand the client base and its platform offerings.


After careful evaluation of the current architecture of data ingestion, data storage and data analytics, Agile GCP Labs, a Google Cloud Partner, identified the bottleneck to be the on-prem MySQL database and suggested the migration to Cloud SQL - a fully managed database service that would make it easy to maintain, manage and administer the campaign data on Google Cloud Platform. As per the Best Practices recommended by Google Cloud, Agile GCP Labs migrated the on-prem MySQL seamlessly into Google Cloud Storage (GCS) initially before migrating all the campaign data into Cloud SQL.

Agile GCP Labs also had an in-house MySQL to Cloud SQL accelerator built, that helped expedite the process of migration of 1TB+ data.


Once the migration to Cloud SQL was done, the speed of SocialHi5 Dashboard displaying the client’s data improved from 1-3 minutes to 2-5 seconds. The Dashboard has not experienced a downtime ever since the migration and reliability of the system has been appreciated by clients of SocialHi5. Moving to Google Cloud Platform has allowed SocialHi5 to scale on demand, collaborate more effectively around data and focus on getting insights rather than manage the underlying infrastructure/database.

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